From Our Volunteers

“Alhamdullilah it was a great experience to come forward and help those who are in need, bringing smile on such faces is blessing and will do more in such campaigns
In sha allah ?.

Adnan Shah

Social Work Department, University of Peshawar

“Two days of our campaign went very well. We went door to door the people we met over there, welcome us in very good way. Most of them offer us food, juices and water in fact one of them pay us for juice, many of the house wife’s offer us to have lunch with them. One of uncle has given us his new cloths.”
“It was a great experience for me because I gain to much love and prayers from the people that even don’t know me. And for me it’s honor that I have done something for those children and their families because the happiness of those child’s are priceless for me.”

Hina Mailk

Pharmacy, Sarhad University

“Assalam o alaikom
I Maryam Munir from Team Shaheen want to share my 1st door to door campaign experience, First of all I will thanks to the Organization they gave me a chance to give attention to the right for quality education for all. I felt honored to meet such respected, loving and sincere people, giving me an opportunity to water the eye catching flowers and let them grow instead of plucking them.
I did 3 days door to door campaign for the awareness for “Education for all” and stuff collection or donation. I collected clothes, stationery, books and other stuff successfully. The response of the people was at its height. Everyone wanted to participate and have share in this great thought which has to be brought in practical. Not surprisingly the response of the children was the best part of my campaign. The area assigned to me was not so good, but most of the people interested in books donation because the education is really most important thing nowadays for every child. The memorable story i want to share is ” My 1st day was very worst because i started from Askari 4 area in thought of that there are rich people and they will contribute much than others but they really don’t care about those people who can’t afford luxurious life. They only care about themselves. But then I move towards Irrigation Colony and there the 1st house was my lucky one for that day. Literally I still remember the words of the woman that ” Bachy bs 5 min bd rasha ze drta hr se raobasam ura pury tasu nur kuruna uguraie” that was really great support to me. And 2nd touching story was the other house and their loving people that really cared us, they just take me in their house and keep seated me for half an hour that my team member sorry he waited for me alot to come out. But after than they serves us juice out of the house when we were compaign to other doors. At the end I thank all the people who participated wholeheartedly in the campaign of Education for all and making it a sign of success. May Allah bless us all.”

Maryam Munir

BS Chemical Engineering, University of Peshawar

It was very good. I am very happy to do help for unprivileged children of the society who are basically from slum areas and are unable to get basic education.

Khalil Ullah

BS Social Work, University of Peshawar

“It was a good experience for me. Whenever you don’t come out for those children who have not even one facility in their slums you never feel their situations or their souls. If you will work for those children’s who have nothing, who didn’t have basic education facilities you will feel inner satisfaction. Overall it was good and satisfying. Team members were great and passionate about this great campaign. Our little struggle makes their life comparatively even better then before. its a great work for humanity InshaAllah my struggle will continue till my last breath.”

Syed Yaman Ali Shah

BSIT & BA, University of Agriculture Peshawar

“Asalam o Alaikum.
This is Laila Elahi, one of the leaders of the groups of a campaign named ‘Education For All’, initiative taken by the Dosti Welfare Organization based upon the Sustainable Development goal of Quality Education.

Taking about my experience of this volunteer ship activity, it was full of fun, experiences and hardships. Starting with a first day, a shinny sun, summer season and we were knocking on the doors feels so difficult itself. Our first response was quite good bad because the area we have chosen was Porsche and people being well-off were not giving the desired response. The reason was first the timing that we had and secondly trust through communication but still ethically they were really nice. I still remember we met a student of University of Peshawar and he offered us pineapple and he insisted our team to have lunch with him. Such a wonderful gentleman. Following that, I drank two different taste of juices and a glass of sprite.. I almost had 2.5 liter of liquid consumption in around three hours. I met one of our former University student, she really appreciated our campaign and had a discussion with me.. She was herself quite motivated for these campaigns..
People also appreciated our action of not taking money but some other material stuff. Most of the people offered money as we used to deny so they used to check how they can help us in that.. Although we know that our area is good hospitality but they have good hearts as well. I met some people in a way that they strictly refuse but that used to rare… Even I met an old lady having forty cats in her house.. I enjoyed talking to her.. She was wonderful although her house was a bit messed-up but she was willing to contribute and I really appreciate.
In short, overall experience was productive enough for grooming.. I really encourage these campaigns and will suggest to have some contribution from your side

Thank you”

Laila Elahi

BS Chemistry, University of Peshawar

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