From Our Volunteers

“My experience with Dosti as volunteer has remained very amazing and fruitful. I learned many new things and particularly visiting the slums and teaching the children was the most wonderful part of this whole experience.”

Muniba Gul

B.Sc Chemistry, UOP

I gained very good Experience here in Dosti Welfare Organization. The team members were very cooperative and we worked with each other. The office members were very supportive and I personally Appreciate Dosti Welfare Organization for Eliminating that Social Evil and Promote Education to Slum Children.

Ahsan Saleem

Social Work Department, UOP

“It was my first and a very good experience to work in an office and to teach in slums to underpriviliged children. I learn how to treat children in teaching and learn about office work.”

Tahir Mehmood

BBA, CECOS Peshawar

“Volunteering with DWO has been a learning experience for me, from spending my time with the professionally competent staff to teaching underprivileged children from the slums.”

Altamash Khan

Social Work Department, UOP

“Dosti Welfare Organization is well organization where the organization meet those kids who are unable to get their proper needs e.g education. My experience was very good and the most good things that Arsalan (Volunteer coordinator) helps us more to get and gain more new information from which I was faraway. I also meet with the children who are neglected by society, and I feel proud that I teached them some things.”

Bilal Safi

Social Work Department, UOP

“Overall 14 days of volunteer experience with Dosti Welfare Organization was Good. Friendly and comfortable environment in office made things easy to learn. Slum visits showed us the ground reality of life.”

Sania Iram

B.Sc Psychology, UOP

I Thank Dosti Welfare Organization, for providing me a chance to teach underprivileged  students.

My experience with Dosti Welfare Organization was very unique as it is working in slums of Peshawar”

Usman Hassan

International Relations, UOP

“I had the opportunity to work with Dosti Welfare Organization as a volunteer. It was a good experience, the overall organizational environment is very good, there is transparency and clearly defined structure.”

Amir Hamza Khan

Business Administration, Edwards College

My 14 days experience with Dosti Welfare Organization was indeed a life changing one. From field trips to office sessions everything taught me so much.

Hajra Bibi

B.Sc Chemsitrty, UOP

In all, I loved my chapter at Dosti. The idea that this organisation is executing is truly inspiring and heart touching to the core. All the best wishes to the people of this organisation and those who are being helped by it.

Munhib Azeem

Pre-Medical, Edwards College

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