This pot-bellied seven-year-old is the textbook picture of a patient with Thalassemia Major. He is pale, small in weight and stature. He comes from a village near Peshawar, Pakistan. He is a product of consanguinity; his parents who both have the trait, are first cousins.

He is a happy and outgoing child when he has had a blood transfusion, but the perkiness fades after about two weeks when he begins to lay around most of the time. Because of his frail condition, he is not attending school at this time.

He highlights the need for a large network of counsellors near and far in the province and the rest of Pakistan and Asia. In the rest of the world, Thalassemia is not so rampant because of premarital screening and counselling.

With your support and contribution, we will be able to achieve that.

Donation PurposeDonation Amount
Blood transfusion to a child twice a month$15
Screened blood to a child twice$25
Blood transfusion to 10 children$60
Screened blood to a 10 children$25
Blood donation drive$250
Salary of counsellor$350
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