Dosti Innovation Center Coordinator

Yasar Ahmad

Yasar Ahmad, a dedicated and versatile professional, has been an integral part of the Dosti Welfare Organization since joining on July 26, 2019. Yasar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his multifaceted roles within the organization. As the Field Supervisor, he oversees the implementation of various projects, ensuring they are conducted efficiently and effectively. He also leads the Dosti Social Innovation Center, fostering creative solutions to social challenges and driving community engagement. In his role as Procurement Manager, Yasar strategically acquires resources and materials, optimizing the organization’s operations. Additionally, he ensures the maintenance and upkeep of the organization’s facilities as the Building Caretaker, providing a safe and welcoming environment. As the Public Relations Officer, Yasar skillfully manages relationships with the community, stakeholders, and media, enhancing the organization’s public image. Since joining Dosti, his contributions have been vital to the organization’s success and growth, making him a cornerstone of the team.