We are all caught up in a rat race nowadays. Regardless of the age, be it 3 years, 5, 10, 25 or 45, everyone wants education. Kids, youths and even their parents, go in search of different courses and diplomas to upgrade their life. Off course there are variety of courses of any duration and any style, traditional or online.

But have we ever thought for a second what education really is. And what’s the difference between education and qualification. Education gives us ability to think and qualification acts as a medium to express that thinking ability or further sharpen it through the processes of learning and teaching going hand in hand.

However, this process not as easy as it seems. Lots of people have lots of qualifications but very limited knowledge. It’s very easy for them to reproduce and implement the learnt knowledge but the real challenge is when they have to cope through a situation which is different from their learnt behavior. And exactly that moment makes us think that are they really educated?

Both, East and West has quite a different interpretation of education. East stresses on social mental, social, physical and intellectual capacities or human capacities. While west stresses more on growth and development of the people vs society.

This era of globalization has clearly diminished many of past boundaries but unfortunately, specifically in the east, it hasn’t done much good to the education yet. The answer to the question that what education needs to provide in the end is still whirling in the cultural twist.

Education is a lifelong process fulfilling individual as well as collective needs, fueled by the driving forces of social change where the educator and educand have precisely defined aims. In fact, the educand being aware of why and what should be educated will extract more from the process than the one who is just being led by the educator. In the end, the duo that is more focused in applying their knowledge creatively, proactively and innovatively at a deeper understanding, beyond existing limitations is on the path of true education.

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