A healthy childhood leads to a healthy adulthood. By focusing on children today, by giving them tools and knowledge to change behavior, future generation can be stronger and healthier. For children, maintenance of personal hygiene helps to improve the quality of life and longevity. This is of particular importance in a slum community with compromised living situation.

Poor health among slum children is resulted from the lack of awareness of the health benefits. Diarrheal diseases, skin diseases, worm infestation and dental diseases are most commonly associated with poor personal hygiene. One of the major problems faced by children is infection. The primary cause of infections is contaminated water, poor sanitation and poor hygienic practices. Repeated attacks of infection often compromising children’s attendance and performance at school. This situation may even worse in a slum community with poor socio-economic and compromised living situation.

Majority of the children illnesses are preventable by promoting hygienic practices among the children through proper health education. Health habits can be developed in primary schooling age like combing hair, brushing teeth, washing mouth after eating, washing hands after visiting the toilet, trimming nails, taking bath daily, wearing shoes and wearing clean clothes. Maternal education can play a vital role in the practices of hygiene and health among their children.

Dosti Welfare Organization is playing a vital role in providing the basic education to these children. Organization is successfully imparting the hygienic habits in children and the children are improving as the time progresses. Much needed to be done regarding parents education considering them their first educators.

It can be concluded that the knowledge and personal hygiene among the children in slum area need to be improved by educating them about personal hygiene. It is also correlated with the education of mother. Government – NGO collaboration may also prove to be effective in achieving these goals.

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