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Pashto Afsana - Dosti Peshawar Debates

Peshawar, June 3, 2023 – The Dosti Peshawar Debates, a prominent intellectual forum, successfully conducted a thought-provoking session on Pashto Afsana (Pashto Short Story) at the Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Peshawar (UoP) today. The event aimed at to foster an environment of mutual learning, understanding, and cultural exchange among participants.

The Dosti Peshawar Debates strive to provide a platform where vital global and local relevant issues can be discussed by intellectuals, with the objective of promoting dialogue, critical and analytical thinking, and mutual respect. These debates bring together distinguished personalities and experts to engage in stimulating discussions on pressing academic matters discourses.

The session on Pashto Afsana was a significant segment of the Dosti Peshawar Debates initiative. Renowned scholar Prof Dr. Ahmad Ali Ajiz, at Department of Pashto, University of Peshawar., graced the occasion as the chief guest. Mr. Said Ul Amin Ahsan, an accomplished presenter and expert in Pashto Afsana, captivated the audience with his engaging presentation.

The session was skillfully hosted by Dr. Munir Ahmad and Aslam Mir, who ensured the smooth flow of the program and encouraged active participation from the audience. Participants had the opportunity to ask relevant questions to the presenter, which led to an in-depth discussions and exploration of various aspects of Pashto Afsana.

The session on Pashto Afsana highlighted the rich literary heritage of the Pashto language and its contribution to the world of storytelling. It showcased the creativity, cultural diversity, and linguistic prowess of the Pashtun community, promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of their literary traditions. In line with elaborating various phases of Pashto short story, the forum was briefed that the genre has produced short story writers of international caliber and they produced short stories that can easily be matched with that of international master pieces of fiction. The short story written in Afghanistan and Baluchistan too, was discussed comprehensively.

The Dosti Peshawar Debates continue to play a crucial role in bringing up the existing gaps, fostering intellectual growth, and encouraging cultural exchange in literary and academic circles of Peshawar. The platform remains committed to promoting dialogue, encouraging critical thinking, and creating an inclusive environment for the exchange of ideas.


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