From Our Volunteers

Kashif Sardar

It surprises me that how these communities which have very little to offer have open hearts, humble faces and positive outlook towards life. This is the very reason I come again and again in Dosti Events as a volunteer.

Nabeel Bashir

We should all teach our generations a very important social practice of volunteerism. It not only makes us help those in need but also provides a very deeper satisfaction to heart.

Kashif Emanuel

In the times when we people are so much consumed about their lives and its betterment, what Dosti is doing is very praiseworthy. I want to be part of the good.

Daniyal Emanual

Dosti and community doesn’t work like and organization and its beneficiaries, they work like team. We aren’t their volunteers either, we are their team.

Irfan Arif

I really enjoy being part of Dosti Events. Both the community and staff members are very interesting to work with.

Kamran Niamat

I like way Dosti helps these children in need and I would love to be part of it.

Adil Sardar

I like to offer my services if I can’t offer any monetary help.

Naveed Emanual

I have volunteered with Dosti twice and I would love to do it again.

Hammad Zafar

Dosti events are more fun than our college events. That’s why I love to participate.

Salman Farzan

I like to see the happiness and excitement on the faces of the children when we arrange events for them.

Shahryar Irfan

I like to do something good for the society. It gives me feeling of ownership towards my country and its people.

Mozafar Zafar

I have just volunteered an event for Dosti and I can already say I am ready for the second.

Haris Mavia

I have learn more than volunteer in the Dosti events.

Mohsin Shafqat

I like DWO’s cause and how they work towards it. I feel driven to it.

Sameer Azeem

I wish everybody could save sometime for volunteering in such events. It would make our society much better place.

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