Empowering Communities Through Education: Dosti Welfare Organization’s Latest Initiative in Ambar, Mohmand Agency

In a remarkable collaboration with the Pak Army’s 161 Wing 22 Brigade, Aid International, and Ghareeb Awaaz Welfare Organization, Dosti Welfare Organization has achieved a significant milestone in enhancing educational opportunities in the region of Ambar, Mohmand Agency. Through concerted efforts, Dosti Welfare Organization has successfully distributed 7,000 slates and 175 whiteboards with stands, leading to the establishment of 40 Community Schools.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to address the pressing educational needs of the region, where approximately 430,000 children remain out of school, contributing to a staggering 70% illiteracy rate. Recognizing the importance of education as a fundamental right, Dosti Welfare Organization, alongside its esteemed partners, has taken proactive steps to bridge this gap and provide accessible learning environments for the community.

The distribution of slates and whiteboards represents a tangible investment in the future of Ambar, empowering local children with the tools they need to pursue education and unlock their full potential. Moreover, the establishment of 40 Community Schools serves as a beacon of hope, offering a conducive space for learning and development within the heart of the community.

During the implementation phase of this initiative, key representatives from Dosti Welfare Organization, including Irfan Khan, Program Manager, Muhammad Riaz, Head of the Legal Office, and Muhammad Hamza, Media Coordinator, worked closely with Brigadier Mudassir, Lt Col Abid Posh, Maj Tayyab, and other dedicated community representatives. Their collaborative efforts underscore the commitment of both civil society and military stakeholders to address educational disparities and foster sustainable change.

As we celebrate this milestone achievement, it is essential to recognize the collective impact of partnership and collaboration in driving positive social change. Through continued dedication and concerted action, we can strive towards a future where every child has the opportunity to access quality education, regardless of their circumstances.

Dosti Welfare Organization remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering communities through education, and looks forward to further collaboration with stakeholders to create a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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