Education and Literacy

Focused on initiatives to enhance education and literacy, such as schools, non-formal schools programs, and adult education.

Formal Education

Dosti Operates 03 schools that provide formal education to children, following the national curriculum. These schools are equipped with qualified teachers, proper classrooms, and the necessary educational materials to ensure a conducive learning environment. The aim is to offer quality education that empowers students with critical thinking skills, a strong knowledge base, and the competencies needed for personal and professional growth

Key Objectives:

Delivering a curriculum that meets national education standards.
Providing a safe and nurturing environment for learning.

Non Formal Education​

Recognizing the divers need and circumstances of the country where more than 24.8 million children are out of schools, DOSTI has launched innovative non-formal education programs designed to reach out to those unable to participate in the traditional schooling system.

Non Formal Educatino Programs

Black Board Banao Pakistan Parhao

This initiative focused on community-based learning, where volunteers and educators turn any available space into a classroom by using a simple blackboard. its aimed at children in remote or underserved areas, bringing education directly to their doorsteps

Mera Ghar Mera School

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School on Wheels

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Dosti One Room Schools

The one room schools model is an innovative approach to education in rural and isolated areas, where a single room serves multiple educational purposes for the entire community. these schools focus on basic literacy and numeracy, catering to children of various ages and learning levels. Dosti provies Dosti starter kids to community where the community provides a volunteer teacher to literate the children

Impact and Goals

The overarching goal of DOSTI’s education and literacy programs is to eradicate illiteracy in Pakistan and provide every child with the opportunity to learn and grow. By adopting both formal and non-formal education strategies, DOSTI is able to address the specific needs of diverse communities, ensuring that no child is left behind due to geographical isolation, scio-economic status, or any other barriers.

Assisted Students

Formal School Student: 808

Non- formal Schools Students: 363543