For those who wish to bring peace to the world, it’s important to stay balanced, mindful, calm and grounded. Peace is a freedom from any sort of disturbance like a still pond without ripples. Absence of conflict is the first condition of peace. Climate change is one of the main root causes of conflict today. It is a global challenge that requires global solution. Frequent extreme weather, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and shorter growing season are all clear and devastating evidence of a rapidly changing climate. Climate change threatens the cleanliness of our air, depletes our water sources, limits food supply and encourages immigration on large scale. It disrupts livelihoods, forces families from their homes and pushes people into poverty.

People living in poverty specially the ones who are living in slums would be the most effected of all by climate change. Rising sea level could displace up to 2 billion people by the end of the century. According to some experts 1.6 billion people of the world are living in slums. Pakistan has the biggest slum of the world in orange town, Karachi with a population of more than 2,400,000. The background of poverty means many of these communities have low capacity to adapt to climate change and face a high risk of violent conflict.

The double headed problem of climate change and violent conflict has a unified solution – adaptation to the climate change through education. Education must be the part of climate action so that everyone is aware of what climate change is and what needs to be done to achieve quality air, water and land across the planet. Reducing the conflict means peace in the world, peace through education. Education is considered as one of the most powerful tools for promoting world peace. Education promotes problem solving skills, builds communication skills, reduces poverty, and builds empathy and tolerance.

THE PEACE WHEEL© is a model for Peacebuilding, developed by Pathways To Peace (PTP), a UN designated peace messenger organization. That Peace Wheel consists of eight sectors and one of them is education. Many other researches shows that investing in education is the best way to combat climate change.

Dosti Welfare Organization (DWO) is playing a vital role in combating climate change and promoting peace by equipping underprivileged communities living in slums especially children with essential education to become a productive global citizen.

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