A whiteboard is like a seed that is the beginning of a beautiful tree with its lush foliage and daunting stature.  In turn, the tree gives birth to seeds that turn into trees and benefit the world; they decorate the world with their beauty, provide shelter to the weary, and provide fruits for all the earthly species.  Even after their death,  they are useful, providing timber for shelter for humans and other animals.  In their cycle of life, nothing goes to waste.

The whiteboard seed gives rise to a one-room school that benefits a small community.  It is a dynamic entity; it has  a life of its own, it wants to grow; every year it adds a new class and eventually turns into high school.  Then suddenly,  there is a graduation ceremony and it presents to the world with its graduating class that is ready to go to college to pursue their dreams of higher education.  Some of the graduates will take other paths, and no matter what their pursuit in life is that they follow, they would equipped with the education and skills to face any challenge that comes their way.  In the schools, they have not only learned what is in the books, but they have also gone beyond and learn to live a life that is as good for them as it is for others; they know the rights of others, they will be kind, they will be generous with their words and deeds, they will be there for their families, near or extended. As in Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s words, they will not judge others by the colour of their skin, their religion or ethnicity, but by the contents of their character.

As a tree needs sunshine, water, good soil to grow to be strong and fruitful, a one-room school needs hard work to make it grow and to provide education and guidance to children. The children shall be the seeds of the school that will scatter all over the country or across the world and benefit humanity in their own ways.  They will benefit the ones they know and those unknown to them.

We at Dosti Welfare Organization have many whiteboard seeds that are eager to go to good homes where they will be valued and put to good use for the community, the nation and the world at large.  A whiteboard seed package includes one whiteboard, a set of ten markers, school books notebooks, slates, etc. Please contact us soon.

DWO we desire to produce adults who are truly the world’s citizens.  If we want peace on earth, that is the only direction to contemplate towards — Teach our children to accept others as they are and treat them as we would have them treat us.

If you are interested in teaching out of school kids around, you can also apply for the whiteboard seed kit.

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