Dosti Onyx School Jalala has been established in the memory of Prof. Yad Muhammad Muhammad, an Associate Professor of Chemistry in the Higher Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who died during service in a road accident in April 2014.

The foundation of the school was laid in an underprivileged area of Jalala (Mardan), where most of the people work in the brick kilns from generations and they do not have access to quality education and better health facilities.

The sole purpose behind the establishment of this institution is to keep continue the stopped educational linkage of Prof. Yad Muhammad and provide quality education to the children of its service area.

Apart from that, the school runs community uplifting programs to help the people meet basic needs and health facilities.

No fee in any shape has been charged by the school from the deserving students, while the school charges a minimal fee from those students who can afford to pay their fee.

The school currently serves 140 students which increase regularly.

Brief History

The establishment of this welfare school is the brainchild of Mr. Muhammad Fida Hussain, the elder son of Prof. Yad Muhammad. The only purpose behind this school is take forward the legacy of the late Prof. Yad Muhammad and equip the students of its service area with quality education, by developing them socially, academically, physically and emotionally.

The school announced its first session in April 2015 with 15 students. It was started in 4 rooms rented building.

About the Founder

Muhammad Fida Hussain, the elder son of the Prof. Yad Muhammad is the driving force and motivation behind this school. He is an ACCA Finalist and student of MPhil Political Science who currently serves in the Higher Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He has also been awarded as the “Integrity Idol” Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by Accountability Lab, an international organization for his honesty and diligence in a national ceremony held in Islamabad in January 2017. The news has been covered by national and international media, including “the guardian”. 

Experience with DOSTI Welfare Organization

In December 2019, the Onyx School and Dosti Welfare Organization associated with each other in the good cause. We named this extraordinary linkage as Dosti Onyx School. The later extended its full support to the Onyx School to make the learning process enhance.

Dosti Welfare Organization provided both financial and logistic support, including the provision of the whiteboards for the needy families in the days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both the Onyx School and Dosti Welfare Organization work together to uplift the society and for this purpose, a handicraft center for women has been established in the service area of the Dosti Onyx School.

This continuous collaboration of both organizations has, no doubt, a very positive impact on society. We hope that this cooperation will remain forever Inshallah.

A Pictorial View of Our Journey

The communities that have benifited so far are four in number and the total number of children that are enrolled in this system are 24/7.  If it were not for our efforts these children would be either scavenging or begging on the streets.

Needs & Requirements

School is the main agent of socialization and plays an important role in the social, academic, and emotional development of a child. It is like a second home to the child. The school is the second place where the child spends most of his time.

To meet its very purpose, the schools should have a purpose-based infrastructure. Our school, which has been started in 4 rooms rented building has now 140+ students reading in 7 different classes. We are compelled to make sit the other classes in the veranda. We neither have a library nor a computer laboratory to help our students develop their reading and IT skills. A separate room for the staff is also lacking at our school.

Though we have qualified staff, Master teachers and a dedicated team to teach to the children, but the physical conditions affect our performance. An overcrowded and stressful environment not only affect the learning capabilities of our students but also discourage attendance and new admissions.

We need well-equipped science labs to perform science-related activities more effectively. The know-how of Information Technology is the need of the hour. We need a computer lab to make aware our children with trending computer-related knowledge and develop their skills so that they could meet the challenges of their future.

The play area for the mental and physical development of the children is also required at our school. The school is located on a narrow street where cars and other vehicles cannot go. The school faces a severe problem when comes to taking any large-sized or heavy items to the school premises. The visitors have to park their vehicles about 200 meters away from the school building.

The school is located in a narrow street and away from the main road, faces a problem in displaying advertisements, billboards, flexes, or announcements.

In brief, our school requires a properly planned infrastructure for effective teaching and learning.

We seek the support of general masses, organizations work for education, donors, and governments all over the world to help us develop a favorable environment, by establishing a purpose-based building for our school which may include sufficient numbers of classrooms, washrooms, staff room, offices for accountant, principal, and director, play area, library, computer lab, canteen, store, and a parking area.

The total cost for the purpose has been estimated at 25000 USD inclusive of the price of acquiring land.

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