Dosti One Room Schools

Focused on initiatives to enhance education and literacy, such as schools, non-formal schools programs, and adult education.

The one room schools model is an innovative approach to education in rural and isolated areas, where a single room serves multiple educational purposes for the entire community. These schools focus on basic literacy and numeracy, catering to children of various ages and learning levels.




Dosti's Role

Dosti provides starter kits to communities where the community provides a volunteer teacher to educate the children. This initiative aims to empower local communities by enabling them to take charge of their children’s education with minimal external resources.

Key Features

The single-room setting is used for various educational activities, adapting to the needs of children from different age groups and learning levels.

The model relies on volunteer teachers from the community, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the children’s education.

The core focus is on imparting essential literacy and numeracy skills, which are foundational for further learning and personal development.

These kits include educational materials and resources necessary to kickstart the learning process in these communities.

Success Stories