Reading is one of the fundamental skills a child needs to learn to be successful in life. Developing reading habit is important for children`s future not just academically, but in everyday life as well. The first verse of Holy Quran says “IQRA” meaning “To Read” and thus its importance cannot be denied. Reading promotes understanding and keeps the mind active and creative. One who has reading habits is considered to be more intellectual and optimist.

We are in 21st century where life is moving very fast. Because of the engagement in our materialistic lives, our reading habits has declined and transferring of this habit to the young ones has almost stopped. In the same way children are not developing reading habits due to their inclination towards electronic gadgets. Apart from this, it is very unfortunate that majority of schools and colleges in Pakistan do not encourage their students to focus on reading.

Reading should be fun and not frustrating. Dosti Welfare Organization has initiated an attempt to motivate children, to establish a reading habit. This magazine is filled with some beautiful brightly illustrated stories and poems, puzzles for little ones, recipes, some silly jokes, early learning activities and discovery of animal world with amazing photos. This magazine will impart wisdom and share useful information to the kids, and will fetch their imagination and curiosity. Every age has particular magazine appropriate for them but Dosti Kid Magazine is for everyone ranging from 4 to 18.

Magazines are inspirational and self-improving for the kids. It helps in developing the habit of reading that eventually encourages children to a thirst of knowledge. If we really want to increase the academic`s capacity of the children, it is important to bring them towards reading. Also, a public –private partnership is needed for libraries and reading related projects.

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