The main objective behind the Dosti Crafts is to equip the students with the skills and techniques of Decorative Arts that are both aesthetically beautiful and functional as well. Based on the said objectives, Popsicle stick art, yarn art, stone painting and ceramic painting was introduced in Dosti Kids’ Domain. This week, we experimented with the concept of String Art.

String, Pin or thread art, is characterized by an arrangement of colored thread strung between points to form geometric patterns or representational designs. Thread, wire, or string is wound around a grid of nails hammered into a wooden board. Though straight lines are formed by the string, the slightly different angles and metric positions at which strings intersect gives the appearance of Bézier curves (as in the mathematical concept of envelope of a family of straight lines). Quadratic Bézier curve are obtained from strings based on two intersecting segments. 

String art has its origins in the ‘curve stitch’ activities invented by Mary Everest Boole at the end of the 19th century to make mathematical ideas more accessible to children. It was popularized as a decorative craft in the late 1960s through kits and books

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