Giving Options

Choose a Specific Fund or Cause

You can choose from our specific funds and donate accordingly in each category. Either once or on monthly or annual basis.

Give a One-Time Gift

You can also give a one-time gift on a special occasion like an Eid gift, Ramadan gift or some random gift without any cause.

Sponsor a School

You can sponsor a school on an annual and monthly basis. It includes teaching aids, salaries of the staff.


You can sponsor a single child. It will include his/her teaching expenses and cost incurred on teaching aids of that particular child.

With Cash

To have your donation as a check or cash money picked from your doorstep, call us 031-111-DOSTI (36784)

Direct Bank Deposits

Deposit your Zakat or donations for The Dosti Welfare Organization in our bank account.

Give Online

You can donate online by transferring money in our bank account through or website. Donate Now 


Skill Centres




Health Camps


Help Us Raise over $100,000 to Help UnDERprivilaged Children Get Basic Education

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