Resource Name: Skooler

Website: https://skooler.com/

Description: An online platform with set of tools that help teachers through complete integrated system built on Office 365.

  • Dashboard provides personalized information as well as links to applications in office 365 and other tools.
  • Through MS Word, work assignments are created, distributed and collected from the students.
  • Assessments are recorded directly in skooler or in one of the other office tools such as MSWord through access, Comment, and return option.
  • Personalized and common templates for the distribution of weekly information such as homework, topic research and spelling mistakes to students and parents.
  • Ease of student-teacher conferencing for meetings.
  • Administrators have access to the latest assessments and reports form specific subject teachers, as well as feedback to the students’ work
  • Parent messaging allows to inform parents and guardians and collect responses without the need of paper and files.
  • Attendances and absences are and are fast and easy to record.

Schools: All levels of Education

Subject(s): All Subjects.

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