A classroom wouldn’t look like a classroom without a blackboard. According to many educationist the most transformative piece of technology in the classroom is Blackboard. The idea of blackboard first arrived in 19th century. It came as a revelation to teachers and education experts. It is cheap and easily affordable as compared to the recent classroom technologies like computers, and projectors. It also saves the time and energy of the teacher as new technologies enhance the work teachers are already doing. So blackboards helps the educationists in saving time, energy and money up to some extent.

Dosti Mobile School runs on the same concept of saving time and money. The concept behind this school is to start propagating education as soon as there is a space available instead of waiting for a proper building to be constructed. Arranging a school class within the limited resources under the busiest flyover of the city isn’t easy as it looks like. Everything was arranged perfectly for the children to attend the daily scheduled class, but something was missing that could attract the attention of all children towards the teacher in that open area, “A Blackboard”. The idea to paint the side wall with black color and give it a shape of a classroom blackboard worked brilliantly. The class got a rhythm of following the movements of the teacher after having a big blackboard. Now children can see their future written at large on a big canvas and this will help them in reducing their sense of isolation. The Black color absorbs all the other colors, it is hoped that this blackboard would absorb all the dim and sorrow colors of these underprivileged children and transform their future the way America and Europe transformed their entire education system back in 19th century.  

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