میرا بستہ

Ayesha's Passion for Education

Growing up in a slum, where there are more barriers and fewer opportunities, there lives a spark of hope. Ayesha, who is passionate for education has proved that determination is all it takes to break all the barriers and get what you want. This is the story of her struggle to make her little wish come true all by herself.

Ayesha's Enthusiasm About Drawing

Every day when she wakes up, Ayesha washes her face and then starts her day by making a drawing. As she draws, her eyes sparkle with joy.

“When our teacher visits us, he gives us pencils, papers, and books, which I like very much,” says the 15-year-old girl, who lives in a slum near a motorway in Peshawar. He used to ask not to play with the things and keep them safe after she leaves. Since I do not have my own paper and pencil, I have to wait for him to hand these to me when he arrives. 


Just for the sake of better education and painting, she took an initiative. “Since I was not allowed to use the stationary provided by the teacher, I decided to arrange it on my own. I started saving the little money my mother used to give me and bought a bag for myself. I looked for books and pencils in the trash. I like the colorful drawings in the books. When I grow up, I like to make drawings like these.” Says the little painter.

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