These are challenging times. Life will not be the same after it is all over. Everyone including elders and children will see the life with new perspectives, making slight adjustments in their routine lives. However, in the current situation, children being more vulnerable due to their age factor are getting more effected by social distancing, school closures and home confinement. Children being the keen observers are noticing the stress in their parents, teachers, and guardians. So, it is important to highlight here that, during the COVID-19 outbreak, along with the physical safety, it is equally important to protect the emotional health of children.

It is the core responsibility of all the stakeholder including teachers, administrators, parents and communities to support children in building their resilience towards the situation. We have summarized some tips to promote the emotional well-being of children during the crises. They might be helpful.

1. Information intake should be age-appropriate

2. A caring guardian saves the day

3. The magical recipe of three R’s

4. Understanding the varying responses

5. Caring of the caregivers

6. Emphasize positivity

7. Busy is always calm

8. Build their self-efficacy

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